Following the success of 2006’s debut Peaceville album from Novembre, ‘Materia’, and on the back of the great acclaim received by the band for it’s highly successful blend of atmospheric, emotional and progressive rock/metal elements comes the ‘The Blue’.


The Blue



Rome's 'Novembre' are a band that has made a solid impression upon both the death metal and atmospheric metal scenes with equally strong results. Ever since their inception, word about the group has spread among the underground scene on a worldwide basis.

It was back in September 1990 when the two brothers Carmelo Orlando (guitars and vocals) and Giuseppe Orlando (drums) formed the band \'Catacomb\'. About a year later, in November 1991 they released their first demo, \'Unreal\'. Despite its poor sound-quality it immediately raised peoples\' interest among the then-flourishing death metal scene.

The 7" EP \'The Return Of The Ark\' (released by Sacra Sindore Records) followed in early 1993 and due to its unusual mix of melancholic gothic doom with classic influences caused even more exposure and popularity in the world-wide underground.

Soon after they renamed the band \'Novembre\', as the former moniker did not represent the bands steadily progressing sound anymore. Things finally felt right and around the same time Novembre signed to Polyphemus Records.

In the fall of 1994 the band recorded their highly-acclaimed debut, \'Wish I Could Dream It Again...\' in Dan Swano\'s Unisound Studios. This was right around the same time as other leaders of the initial atmospheric scene recorded their first and early albums, making Novembre among the first bands inventing and playing this sound.

After two more years of hard work Novembre released their second album, \'Arte Novecento\', which showed the band developing into an even darker direction.

In spring of 1997 Massimiliano Pagliuso (guitars) joined the band as a second guitarist, and towards the end of 1998 they inked a worldwide deal with Century Media Records.

After months of intense rehearsals their third album, 'Classica', was recorded at the band's own The Outer Studios in Rome in summer 1999 and mixed in Andy LaRocque\'s famous Los Angered Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden. Classica was supported by a European tour with Moonspell, Kreator and Witchery in January, 2000, as well as a gig at Leipzig\'s Wave Gotik Treffen Festival. Since the show went down great they were invited for the following year's festival too.

Classica's successor came to light in the fall, 2001. Novembre entered The Outer Sound Studios again to record 'Novembrine Waltz'. In order to add the icing to the cake they went to Sound Suite Studios near Marseilles and mixed the album with producer Terje Refsnes (Tristania, Sins Of Thy Beloved, Morgul).

During November and December 2001, the band supported the album on a European tour along with the outstanding talents of their old friends from Opeth and Katatonia which marked one of the many highlights in their career.

Even though things were progressing superbly, Novembre felt it was time for a little journey into their past: 'Wish I Could Dream It Again...' sold out extremely quickly and is nowadays a highly sought-after rarity. Many of the new fans who missed the chance to purchase the debut album back in the day were eager to get their hands on a copy and more than willing to overspend for a second-hand copy. In light of this situation, Novembre decided to re-record the songs of the album, once more in their own Outer Sound Studio during the summer of 2002, both to give a new sound-treatment to these formidable and well-regarded tunes, and to give fans the possibility to complete their Novembre collection. To mark the difference between "old" and "new" versions and avoid further confusion, the band decided to rename the album with the title 'Dreams d'Azur'.

One thing that contributed to make the album an exquisitely honest recreation is the appearance of the former band members: Thomas Negrini on keyboards and Antonio Poletti on guitars. A perfect mixture of heavy guitar tunes of progressive Death Metal and the melancholy of Gothic Rock, Dreams d'Azur is both modern and timeless.

Meanwhile things started to fall apart between the band and the label. It seemed as though they had nothing else to give each other. Both parties agreed to terminate the deal, leaving Novembre free to search for a more appropriate record label.

It wasn't long before Novembre's freedom came to the attention of the British legendary label, Peaceville Records. A label that, with the bands they produced and the albums released, traced a deep and binding mark on Novembre\'s song writing spine. Definitely the label they should have always been signed to.

Since the signing of the deal in 2004, the band locked themselves up in their garage to write their fifth and best album 'Materia' once again recorded in their Outer Sound Studios. The charge to give Materia the best sound Novembre has ever had was given to the Helsinki's Finnvox Studios where the band recorded all the rhythm guitars and completed the final mix. Materia was released in April 2006. Many lucky fans managed to catch Novembre as main support to My Dying Bride on 18th November 05 at The Astoria, London and 19th November 05 at Rios in Bradford.

After the release of Materia Novembre got straight to work on the follow-up, and it didn't take long, with the band being highly productive throughout 2006 & early 2007. During 2007 Novembre recorded their new album, to be titled The Blue, at their own Outer Sound Studios, then taking it to the famous Finnvox studio for mixing. The album art was once again handled by Travis Smaith, while a video for the opening track Anaemia was produced. The album saw it's release in late 2007 and gained a great reaction from fans hoping for some of the band\'s earlier aggression to re-emerge. This was backed up by live appearances, most notably a UK tour with Doom legends Paradise Lost.




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Band Members

  • Carmelo Orlando Guitars & Vocals
  • Massimiliano Pagluso Guitar

Live Dates

September 2015

  • 05/09, La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues - Pantin, France

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