Neptune Towers

Neptune Towers' rare second album of Ambient Soundscapes available on Peaceville for the first time.
Bleak and evocatively atmospheric, Neptune Towers was the brainchild of Darkthrone's Fenriz. This edition contains bonus tracks from the unreleased 'Space Lab' third album.


Neptune Towers
Transmissions from Empire Algol



Neptune Towers was the ambient project set up by Gylve ‘Fenriz’ Nagell of Darkthrone in 1993, with the intention of exploring a more atmospheric style than that of of his main band, Darkthrone. All synth performances & recording was completed by Fenriz himself at Necrohell.

Fenriz released two albums under the Neptune Towers name, Caravans To Empire Algol and Transmissions From Empire Algol, which came out the following year.


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Latest News


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Neptune Towers - 'Transmissions from Empire Algol' - coming August 6th with extra tracks

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Neptune Towers - The solo-project of Darkthrone's Fenriz. 'Caravans to Empire Algol' to be released June 11th.

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