Design Contest Terms and Conditions

This is not a real competition. There are no prizes. The designs which Darkthrone and Peaceville judge to be the best or most interesting will probably be used as all or part of the cover for a future re release of Goatlord or Ravishing Grimness , but this is not a certainty. It is very, very important that you do not use anybody else's images or photographs in your design, even `free` images. That means, even if it's fantastic and wonderful and life enhancing you must not use in your design anything which you yourself have not created! No exceptions. At all. Whatever you send us must be 100% absolutely your own work and not copied or adapted from anything else.

If you are under the age of eighteen (18) you must obtain permission from your parent or guardian before you send us your design. All entrants must be 14+.

Only the winner(s) will be contacted personally.

If we wish, we may display any or all of the entries on our website, together with the name of the entrant.

Please submit your entry before 31st January 2011 by email to competition@peaceville.co.uk with the subject: Darkthrone Design Contest. Please make sure that you give your name, address, email address & phone number.

Please send your entry as a low resolution image of not more than 1MB in size. `PDF` or `JPG` are our preferred formats. If we select your entry for the shortlist for further consideration then we will contact you and will then need the high resolution sources so please don't delete them straight after you've sent us your entry!

Don't worry about what program you use to create the design or what format the files are; our in-house designer will tell you what we need, but ideally we will want a layered file. If you send us a scan of a drawing or whatever, please scan for the preview at 72dpi at 800x800 pixels. For the high-resolution image please scan using a resolution of 600dpi.

If you plan on sending both a front and back cover then please try sending them as two attachments to one email, but if your message bounces back to you then please send them separately but mention in the email that there is a matching back (or front) so that we can pair them up.


You (the Entrant) hereby agree, confirm, represent and warrant that:

1. all rights in and to any artwork design (including all of its elements, such as text, fonts, photographs, graphics) submitted to and selected for use by Peaceville Records Ltd ("Peaceville") ("Artwork") created by the Entrant shall be owned by Peaceville and to the extent necessary the Entrant hereby assigns all rights in the Artwork to Peaceville throughout the World for the full life of copyright and any and all extensions and renewals thereof. If requested by Peaceville, the Entrant shall complete and sign a formal assignment of copyright to give effect to the foregoing;

2. the Artwork does not incorporate any images or other elements which are subject to third party proprietary rights (for the avoidance of doubt this includes but is not limited to, other Darkthrone and/or Peaceville album covers) or otherwise infringe the rights of any third party;

3. the use by Peaceville of the Artwork will not give rise to civil liability or violate any law;

4. by submitting Artwork to Peaceville the Entrant agrees that he/she has full power and authority to enter into this agreement and hereby indemnifies Peaceville and Darkthrone from and against any and all costs and damages incurred as a result of any breach of the representations and warranties made by the Entrant herein;

The Entrant understands and agrees that Peaceville and/or Darkthrone may commercially exploit the Artwork created by the Entrant without consulting with the Entrant and without any form of remuneration.

The Entrant understands that he/she may not use the Artwork selected by Peaceville for any purpose except that he/she may use the artwork as part of his/her professional portfolio. Peaceville shall have the sole and exclusive right to use, re-use, copy, deal in or otherwise exploit the Artwork throughout the universe in its absolute discretion, including (but not limited to) the right to adapt, revise and edit the Artwork (copyright in such adaptations, revisions and editions vesting in Peaceville) in any manner whatsoever, and to use the Artwork (and any part or parts of the Artwork) in any and all media and formats and merchandise now known or hereafter devised, and to assign or licence the

The Entrant waives any moral and like rights he/she may have with regard to the Artwork and to the extent that it is not possible in any particular country or countries to waive such moral or like rights you hereby confirm and agree that you will not assert such moral or like rights against us or any party authorised by us to use the Artwork. We shall use our reasonable endeavours to give you an appropriate credit in connection with our use of the Artwork as a CD booklet or similar.

This 'competition', the 'rules of the competition' and this agreement are governed by English law and you and we hereby agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts to determine matters arising. This `competition` is void where prohibited by local law.


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