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In the beginning Madder Mortem was formed in 1993 as Mystery Tribe, and recorded the demo ‘Days in Sorrow’. The name was later changed to Madder Mortem, and in January 1997, the MCD ‘Misty Sleep’ was recorded. The result was mailed around, Misanthropy Records reacted positively and the debut ‘Mercury’ was released in February 1999. ‘Mercury’ was well received, but sadly, Misanthropy decided to close down, which left the Madders with neither company nor contract.

In 1999 Christian Ruud (guitars), Boye Nyberg (bass) and Sigurd Nielsen (drums) left the band to pursue educations and other pastimes. This was naturally a setback, but after some time Agnete and BP found new musicians. Eirik Ulvo Langnes (guitars), Pål Mozart Bjørke (bass) and Mads Solås (drums) joined the band. All former acquaintances, the new members fitted in perfectly.

In 2000 the band signed to Century Media. The band’s second album, ‘All Flesh Is Grass’ was released in February 2001, with cover art from former guitar player Christian Ruud. Reviews were very good, and the aggressive and driven music lent another face to Madder Mortem.

Following a 23-date European tour with Tristania, Rotting Christ and Vintersorg on a European tour returned to Norway to start writing their third album. Studio Underground was re-invaded in May 2002 and after a hard-as-hell period of three weeks, "Deadlands" was born.

The album was released in October 2002. Darker and groovier than its predecessor, the album revealed even more sides to the Madder face. Music, lyrics and cover art (by Christian) was developed together, and the conceptual whole is a bleak but organic monster not for the faint of heart. The End Records licensed it for the US, and on 11th February 2003 their album was released in the US for the first time.
The bands were then handpicked by Mikael Åkerfeldt to support Opeth on the European leg of their ‘Deliverance’ tour. These 33 gigs were followed by more Norwegian shows and a festival appearance in Mexico.

The return to Norway gave way to some big changes in the Madder camp. Paul announced his decision to leave the band just after returning from Mexico. Though the decision was a very responsible one, since Paul wanted to concentrate on his young son (something hard to do while playing in a very active band), the band were very sorry to see him leave. This disruption also led to musical disagreements within the band crystallizing, and as a result, Eirik left the band shortly afterwards.

The band then started looking for new members - again....Having had such success with recruiting friends the last time; they used the same procedure, and scrutinized their circle of friends. Odd Eivind Ebbesen was a very natural choice for guitarist. He'd played in Mystery Tribe, and also with BP in Chopworm, and is a very able musician, both on the performing and the writing side. He's also a long time friend and the band’s webmaster. For a bass player, another friend was recruited, Tormod Moseng. He'd also played with BP and Mads in various projects, and he actually stepped in for Boye for the Misty Sleep release party. The timing couldn't have been better, since he had just finished his education and was looking for a serious band commitment. A couple of gigs in Norway served to give the new members their "baptism in fire".

The deal with Century Media came to an end and the band began searching for a new home. With a new album already recorded and ready to be released, it wasn’t long before Peaceville Records knocked on their door.

‘Desiderata’ was released to widespread critical acclaim in 2006.

Madder Mortem return in May 2009 with their fifth album ‘Eight Ways’ on Peaceville Records.

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