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All songs published by Imagem Music Ltd
Recorded and Mixed at Futureworks Studios Manchester, April – July 2012

All drums and percussion by Shaun “Dubya” Taylor Steels

Produced by Mags and My Dying Bride
Recorded and Engineered by Mags
Pro Tools Editor and Assistant Engineer: Grant Berry
Mixed by Mags and My Dying Bride

Artwork and Design by Rhett Podersoo at Machine Room


All hail Anais Stainthorpe – welcome to our world, Rebecca, Gerry & Jimmy, Dad, The MDB Road Crew lead by Debora “I’ve got the woman” Moretti, Phil & Liz, Laura & Shaun, Dawn, Paul, James and Charlotte Armitage, Louise, Mick, Grace, Max & Lily Clark, The Beasleys in Ireland, Rachel Bannister & Andy Shaw, Caroline & Paul Whelan and the girls, Peter Scott, Rachel Walsh our Web Mistress, Steven Fedder & Family, Thanasis, Fo- tini, Theodore and Paraskevi Tzimas, Sunny & Jane, Mark & Family, Russell & Jo and baby Zach, Imre Szanto, The AMOC, Martin Powell, Dave Gray, David Pybus, Lauren Merle, Paul Hardacre & family, Titnipple, Emil, Andreas and the Deathstars, Leif Edling, Tom & Mar- tin (Celtic Frost), Victor and Dope Stars Inc, Alex and The Foreshadowing, Ahmed and Grieving Age, Andy and Family (Persistence In Mourning), Rich and Sailors With Wax Wings, Kenny Durrant & family, Fuckface, Sizzler Spice, Top Wok, Nando’s, The Halifax Photographic Society, MotorSport Mag, Everyone Andrew has mentioned, some other people, lots of folk, thank you and goodbye.

Ekaterina Videva, Mum, Fava, The Emmotts, The Kayes, Grandma & Grandad (RIP), Teal Rik Dan & Adam, Howard Sandford (it worked out in the end), Dan Mullins, Narky D, The Turk & curry houses of Doomsbury (you’ll never close), Debora & Becky, Aaron, Andy, Hamish (and the parental guidance) Lena & Shaun.

Greetings, salutations and praise to; my beautiful Emilie, my Mum and Dad, Rosie, Jamie, Cameo and the boys, GG Jasmine, all the Glencross McMorrow and related clans, Sarah & all the Stanton/Spencer family, Sam Wallace, Brian McDonald, Chris Cannella, Mike Tempesta & Jackson Guitars, Joel, Olly and Blackstar amps, Matthe Speed & Ddrum, Dr Moretti, Marlboro, Big Red, iPadz, Jim, Carlo, Paul, The Winter, David Gray, Mullins, John Bennett, Calv, Ade & Angelina, Martin & Vanessa, Phil & Carrie, Simon Partridge, Greg & Heather, Scoot & Giulia, Mully Von Den Pub unt Jen, Adrian & Amber, James Dunkley & Kati, Vicky & John, Milly, Ray Kane, Frank Ralph, Sunny & Jane, Carl, Adelle and Leah, Marv, Dom, Josh, Sharon, Curt & Courtney, Ray Kane, Frank Ralph, Elle, Julie Randall, Jordan & family, Leanne, Ashley, Luke, Dean & Chris, Neil, Jane & Sportsman, The Shirt, John & Big 6, John Tilley, Max Marshall, Kevin Bloody Page, Martin Lamb, Barks, Les, Nick, Aaron, Steve & Tuds, Hal & Talanas, Rune & Ava Inferi, Frank & Benediction, Bolt Thrower, Clammy & Exciter, Martin & Ironrat, Sean & World Chaos, Ben, Tim & The Rotted, Kevin & Brutal Truth, Ihsahn, Anneke, Bob & Garghoyle, Jason & Akercocke, Alan & Thine, The Sagan brothers, Louise Brown, Chaz, Moz, Gian, Cath, Rick & Jerry, Kat, Gav & Damnation Fest, Thom Fell, Paul, Lee & the singer in Apocalypso, Theresa & Ben, Jo & Sue, Bali, Ian & Alex, Lorraine & Sue, Helen & Diane, Tim & Voltage, Chris & Guitar Zone, and everyone who I forgot but won’t go out of their way to make me feel like a twat about i

Thanks to my parents and Julian for their relentless support in everything I do, my brothers and sisters in MDB I love you all, the brutal ladies in Severed Heaven, R.I.P Samantha Sykes you were taken too soon, same goes for you Percy Price, we miss you so much, Tracy “Twatbags” Richardson love ya matey! Rita, thanks for all the wine times. To little Pickle, keep on nose-whistling. But most importantly, thanks to you for buying this album.

Andrew would like to say Ayup to the following for their support, wisdom in places and most importantly friendship: Debora “Hammer Of Doom” Moretti, Connor “Sleep Till Doomsday” Craighan, my Family, Warren “Woz” White & Petra “Woz” White, Lord Roger and Lady Diddler, Dr Mags Magoolagan & Komrade Julia “Tickets Please” Luginina, The Futureworks Doom & Death Sqvuad - Grant “i’ll be alright, honest... maybe” Berry, Kate “Kettle-lenderer” Le Cocq, Marcus “was that music then?” Alexander & Martin “simply not funny” Salomonsen we thank you, Dave “The Earl” Gray, Calvin “Silverfox” Robertshaw, Nikola Tesla, John Hutchison, Tom Bearden, Nigel “It’s altitude awareness” Thurston, Paul Kuhr and the mighty November’s Doom - Hail, Ade “I’ll tell you over a pint” Jackson, Ronnie James Dio RIP, Shaun “Dubya” Taylor Steels, Marlin “It was him” Strasbourg, Greg “insert expletive” Moffat, Lee “Still Chippin’ L8ers Yeah” Pres- ton, Eggs Benedict, Jeen Broeskstra, Our Forum moderators Lycaon & PsychosomatiK- ing, Sam “Dethklok” Mcnab & Philippa CorpseFairy, Pete Steele RIP, Tony “The Grey Order of Doom” Colatruglio, Laurent “Peardrop anyone?” Merle, Allan, Paul Groundwell, Dan “Is that Ice?” Mullins and Thine, Tim and Damnations “Eurgh” Hammer, Phil, Amy, Simon, Elaine and last but certainly not least Mike “traditionally not a funny man and today no exception” Leonard at merch, Andy, Abbie and Claire “not forgotten” Green RIP, Rhett “is it big enough for you” Podersoo, Matt & Darkwave Art, Andy Farrow and Northern Music, Oliver “LovePunch” Athorn & Dylan “SweetPrince” Devanney, Mark “Fancy a Sherbert?” Gosney, Our miserable rabble of a road crew, Maciej, David and Mayones Guitars, Scott Wunschell and EMG Pickups, Jim Marshall RIP, Martin “probably not now just a” Powell, Luke “IT mad” Brynicz, All at Snapper & Peaceville, IronRat our roommates of metal, Tim “never ever on time” Walker and Volt- age Studio’s, Cinzia “I was a Wookie not an Ewok” Bacilieri, Il Clan Moretti, Pietro Crab- tree, Antonio, Sally and Graham from the Italian Club, Rune & Carmen and Ava Inferi, Mick “Paratrooper” & Kellys Executive Travel, Mushy, Lee & Lizard Tongue, Alexander Glavniy & Autumnia, Chris &, Carlo Schttiilnotarealegg, John “Ayndsome” Hanslip, Ahmad “No1 MDB Brother” Alkhaldi, Nick “this is a good offer” Peel, Janet “Dammit” Biggs & Miracle Artists, Lee Baines, Debbie from Kyro & Sheri- dan “Hellraiser” Crompton, Lee “aw just fuck off you” Durham, finally a thank you to everyone we met on the Albion In Ruin Tour and the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise who made us so very welcome. Cheers!