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'Born Undead' DVD coming June 11th

From the US death metal pioneers comes an unrivalled insight into the world of gore & horror that is AUTOPSY, in the form of new DVD ‘Born Undead’, released June 11th on Peaceville Records.

The ‘Born Undead’ DVD charters the birth, death & rebirth of the legends with an extensive documentary conducted with the band themselves, as they describe how the beast came to be, & the impact their music has had on the metal world over a span of more than 20 years. The film also documents the band’s long-awaited return to the studio & stage, & includes rehearsals of both new tracks & old classics for their live comeback assault. The trio of 2010 reunion shows are all featured here, with all the best classic tracks from Maryland Deathfest, PartySan festival & also Hole in the Sky in Norway, where the trio of Chris Reifert, Eric Cutler, & Danny Coralles were joined by Dan Lilker on bass.

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The coming of 'Planet Satan'. Mysticum signs with Peaceville Records

Peaceville Records is proud to announce the signing of cult Norwegian band Mysticum, which will result in the release of the long-rumoured second studio album, 'Planet Satan', a record almost 15 years in the making. Unifying the core trio of Herr General Cerastes, Svartravn & Mean Malmberg, Mysticum will commence work on the new album shortly.

One of the pioneering industrial black metal forces to emerge in the early 90's, Mysticum brought to the world a completely unique brand of psychedelic discordant black metal with insane drum machine patterns & synths. They were originally signed to Euronymous' Deathlike Silence Productions label, such was his belief in the band. However, this venture proved to be cut short following his murder, forcing Mysticum to look elsewhere for the release of their eventual debut album, 'In the Streams of Inferno'. 

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Cradle Of Filth

'Midnight in the Labyrinth' set for record store day release

‘Midnight In The Labyrinth’ is the latest, inspired work, from the UK’s most successful extreme act, traversing an ethereal cinematic landscape of classical and symphonic darkness; a style the band has always woven seamlessly into their compositions. 

'Midnight in the Labyrinth' is available to coincide with Record Store Day on April 21st in participating countries, & sees a general release across other countries, as a strictly limited edition 2-disc set of delectable magic, with disc 1 containing narrated nightmares courtesy of Dani Filth, plus additional vocals from Sarah Jezebel Deva, whilst disc 2 contains purely orchestral and symphonic recordings.

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'Plaguewielder' coming 16th April on 2-CD & vinyl

Darkthrone's classic 2001 album will be released 16th April on vinyl & also as a 2-CD edition featuring bonus commentary disc, with Fenriz & Nocturno reflecting on the album songs & the inspirations behind them, as the music plays in the background. This edition of Plaguewielder also contains new cover artwork by Zbigniew M. Bielak.

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'Murder' released 16th April, including 8 bonus tracks.

'Murder', Gehenna's fifth album of raw extremity will be reissued 16th April, including 8 bonus tracks consisting of alternate album mixes, instrumental demo versions, plus a cover of Mayhem's 'Cursed in Eternity'. Pre-order HERE.

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  • 27/09, Academy - Dublin, Ireland
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  • 28/09, Limelight - Belfast, UK
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  • 30/09, The Underground Arts - Philadelphia, PA, US
  • 30/09, Manchester Academy 2 - Manchester, UK
    Paradise Lost

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