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The Gathering

'Always...' to be reissued March 3rd.

The classic 1992 atmospheric death/doom debut from Dutch legends The Gathering will be reissued on Peaceville March 3rd on CD & vinyl, with the CD edition containing a bonus disc featuring an alternate 1994 remix of the album in its entirety. Pre-order HERE.

"Always..." was The Gathering's debut full-length album. Originally released in 1992 , it is a prime example of classic atmospheric death/doom metal with brutal vocals & slow funereal riffing influenced by bands such as Celtic Frost, as well as the implementation of keyboards to accentuate the dark ambience. Now released on Peaceville for the first time, a track from the release was even featured on an early Peaceville Records compilation, "Volume 4", with the track "In Sickness & Health".

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