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Phantom - debut album to be reissued in August

Coming August 15th is the release of the 2001 debut album of cold & primitive black metal from cult Norwegian act Khold, now featuring the bonus track 'Jol' taken from their 2000 demo.

An album of icy atmosphere and intensity, Khold's debut Masterpiss of Pain is the collection of raw and primitive Norwegian black metal that brought the band's creeping and slow sense of menace to the attention of the Metal world in 2001.

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Norwegian black metal band Khold formed in Oslo in the year 2000, by Gard & Sarke (currently seen in his own, self-named act, alongside Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto). Khold is what emerged out of the ashes of the cult band Tulus. They have recorded 5 albums to date, & have successfully toured with bands such as Satyricon & Behemoth in the past. Khold is also notable for their use of old Norse for song-titles & lyrics. 

Masterpiss of Pain was Khold's debut album, released in 2001 on Moonfog Productions & was recorded at Panser Studios (Arcturus, Chrome Division, Fleurety) in Oslo. 

Masterpiss of Pain also features a guest appearance by Galder (Old Man's Child, Dimmu Borgir) on the track Rovnatt. 

This edition of the album includes a bonus demo version of the song Jol recorded by the band in 2000, which had originally led to the band inking a deal with Moonfog Productions. 




Den Store Allianse 


Svart Helligdom 


Kaldbleke Hender 


Mesterverk Av Smerte 


Oyne I Arv 


Bonus track: Jol (Demo 2000) 


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