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New deal struck with Peaceville Records

Peaceville Records are proud to announce the signing of Norway’s finest bunch of demonic delinquents, Dødheimsgard (DHG). One of the truly great boundary-pushers & visionaries of the mid-90’s Norwegian Black Metal evolution, & having released 4 full-length albums to date since their inception, DHG are widely hailed as masters of dark & psychotic psychedelia-tinged extremity.
The band was formed in 1994 by Vicotnik & Aldrahn. The early incarnation was that of a raw and melodic black metal band, with their debut album also featuring Fenriz of Darkthrone on bass, before the poisons of a more avantgarde & schizophrenic concoction started to take hold. And now, the first fruits of DHG’s recently re-animated labour will manifest in the shape of a new studio album, due October, plus headline European tour.

Head henchman Yusaf “Vicotnik” Parvez comments:

“DHG are pleased to announce we have inked a deal with Peaceville Records. Proud to arrive here, plus it also bears a significant historical value for me since I grew up with a lot of Peaceville releases in my collection, & at present I have nothing but the deepest respect for the label. Finally joining a co-op where the artist is the artist and the label is the label is a big burden off my chest. We will release two records. The first installment will arrive on the shelves in October. Then one year later the second record will join, and complete the first one. 

But what better way is there to shed a light on six years of absence than through your art-form. Of course we have been around, stirring up shit in your neighbourhoods, peeking into your windows, but we have not done anything worthwhile artistically since "Supervillain Outcast”. I rebooted DHG, reshaped it with a dull razor. It was time for a blood-transfusion. Now, here we are, a new band with brand new songs, letting something unconscious and dormant become the conscious and the awake. 

In addition, we will also finish the re-reissuing of our past titles on Peaceville Records, since they’ve done such a good job taking care of the other material. This means that “Satanic Art”, “Monumental Possession” and “Kronet til Konge” will again be available to the masses at some point in the near future. I also plan to release a lot of additional psychopharma in relation to the next couple of releases, as treatment for the over-average crazy patient at the worldwide DHG asylum. Stay tuned for more news from the devil’s favourite band”.


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